This Privacy Policy Information describes how the sponsors of the S1000D specification program collect, process and use personal and other information for S1000D activities.

S1000D is an international specification for the production of technical publications in the aviation industry. The development and maintenance of S1000D relies on the voluntary collaboration of participating entities and individuals. The sponsors of the specification are the AeroSpace, Security and Defence Industries Association of Europe; the Aerospace Industries Association of America; and the Air Transport Association (d/b/a Airlines for America).  These three entities are collectively referred to in this document as “the Sponsoring Organizations” and individually as “the Sponsoring Organization.”

Which Sponsoring Organization’s Privacy Policy Applies

Any/all personal information that is collected from the public and private website(s) used for the development and maintenance of the S1000D specification is shared among the three Sponsoring Organizations. Each Sponsoring Organization is responsible for its handling of such personal information in accordance with its own privacy policy (see links below). The other Sponsoring Organizations are not responsible for such handling of personal information or for that privacy policy. For more information about these policies, please contact the Sponsoring Organizations directly.

Who the S1000D Sponsoring Organizations Are And Links to Their Privacy Policy Statements

  • The AeroSpace, Security and Defence Industries Association of Europe advocates on behalf of European aeronautics, space, defense, security industries. ASD is located at 10, rue Montoyer, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium. Its telephone number is +32.27758110. See privacy statement.
  • The Aerospace Industries Association represents the U.S. aerospace and defense industries. AIA is located at 1000 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 1700, Arlington, VA 22209 USA. Its telephone number is +1.703.358.1000. See privacy statement.
  • The Air Transport Association of America, Inc., d/b/a Airlines for America, advocates on behalf of U.S. airlines and administers the ATA e-Business Program. It is located at 1275 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20004 USA. Its telephone number is +1.202.626.4039 and its email address is admin@ataebiz.org. See privacy statement.

June 2018