The diagram above provides a high-level view of the S1000D organization.

S1000D is developed and maintained by an international community of business and technical experts from civil and defense aviation industries, as well as from the defense land and sea industries.  Customers, suppliers, and solution providers are represented.  The three sponsoring organizations of S1000D are:

Aerospace, Security and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD)

Aerospace Industries Association (AIA)

ATA e-Business Program

S1000D Council

The S1000D Council was formed from the Memorandum of Understanding signed between ASD, AIA and the ATA e-Business Program The main mission of the Council is to conduct the overall governance of the S1000D development.

The role of the Council is to provide the vision for the specification so that the mission can be achieved, together with overall administrative management, direction to the Steering Committee and general promotion of the use of the S1000D.

S1000D Steering Committee

The S1000D Steering Committee is a body of members representing nations and organizations who have a common interest in the specification.

The role of the Steering Committee is to maintain the currency of the specification by processing Change Proposal Forms (CPFs) and accepting or rejecting new and changed material for release in the form of issues of the specification, taking into account the visionary direction of the Council.

Working Groups and Task Teams

Within the organization several standing Working Groups and temporary Task Teams are formed to conduct the day-to-day work of developing, reviewing, and managing changes to the specification and XML Schemas.

  • Business Rules Working Group (BRWG)
  • Electronic Publications Working Group (EPWG)
  • Graphics and Multimedia Working Group (GMWG)
  • Production and Publishing Working Group (PPWG)
  • Web Site Working Group (WSWG)
Civil Aviation Working Group (CAWG)

The Civil Aviation Working Group is the S1000D representative body for the worldwide Civil Aviation industry. CAWG is managed by the ATA e-Business Program and was formed to manage the Civil Aviation industry’s integration into the S1000D development process. CAWG members participate in all of the relevant S1000D working groups and task teams and work jointly with ASD and AIA to shape future revisions of S1000D in a way that can continue to meet the needs of the Civil and Defense aerospace industries.

Defense Interest Group (DIG)

The S1000D Defense Interest Group (S1000D DIG) is an independent body representing defense customers who have a vested interest in the S1000D specification. The role of the S1000D DIG is to ensure that defense requirements are articulated on and presented to the S1000D Steering Committee and S1000D Council. As primary users of the specification the overall objective is to ensure that S1000D continues to meet the needs of defense global users and producers of defense products.