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Making changes to S1000D

The maintenance of this specification is vested in the S1000D Steering Committee (SC) who will obtain agreement from the participant nations prior to incorporation and publication of changes. 

CPF Submittal and Management Process 

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What is a CPF?

A Change Proposal Form (CPF) is the document and process by which changes to S1000D are introduced.  The CPF contains information about the submitter of the change proposal, a description of the proposed change(s), and the rationale for requesting the change.

Any one may submit a CPF.  Proposals to amend S1000D must be submitted in the full knowledge that all users, military, industrial, and civil can be affected by changes to the specification, and will be accepted only under international, multi-functional agreement.

S1000D has instituted an online CPF submission process. For more information, and to submit a CPF, see "How to Submit a CPF" below.

How to Submit a CPF

This process has recently changed in how you submit the proposal, and what happens after the system receives it. While you are submitting your proposal through the S1000D web site, your submission may have to be approved by a governing body in your country, or business sector. It is possible that your submission may not be approved and therefore not forwarded on to the SC for review. This is done to maintain a consolidated perspective of the changes requested to the specification.

Although CPFs are submitted online, there may be several supporting documents that are required as attachments to the online CPF.  In particular, a CPF White Paper must be provided as an attachment to all CPFs.  This document provides the details of the proposed change and rationale for requesting the change. For CPFs that propose changes to the XML Schemas, the CPF White Paper is also used to describe the exact schema changes being proposed. Download the CPF White Paper template.

A specified convention is used for filenames of such documents.  For more information, see the S1000D CPF Document Naming Conventions.

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